Kannabis Kulture’s goal is to provide only the best brands out there. We regularly test each product we sell only keeping the ones that are consistently keeping to our very high quality standards.  Our aim to make sure the customer has a positive cannabis buying experience everytime.  If you’d like to see us stock a specific brand, please reach out to us so we can test it out and see if it meets our standards of quality and consistency. 


Kannabis Kulture

Shop our in house concentrates and psilocybin mushrooms. All extracts are made to meet our high quality standards. We currently provide in house shatter, budder, and live resin. Because we don't have all that fancy branding and packaging, we are able to keep the price as low as possible without sacrificing quality. Clean concentrates, we guarantee your happiness.

Lucy Diamond Organics

Small batch organically grown cannabis grown with intention and love. Lucy's fine organic cannabis is grown without any chemical pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, gmo's or hormones. Her prized cannabis plants are grown in Living Soil, a microbe rich ecosystem the way nature intended this truly medicinal plant to be grown. Expect the cleanest possible cannabis experience that provides all the benefit without any of the negatives conventionally grown cannabis is known for. Shop flower and rosin.

Kootenay Labs

Full spectrum THC & CBD gummies, tinctures, and concentrates. Made from 95% organic ingredients and now with biodegradable packaging. Kootenay Labs makes the extra effort to provide their customers clean cannabis products you can feel good about consuming. Kootenay started as farmers and stoners and saw a way to make people's lives better through their business.

Golden Monkey Extracts

Golden Monkey Extracts provides Canadians with the purest, unadulterated and highest quality concentrates. Live resin, budder, shatter, consistent high quality cannabis extracts made by only processing phenotype-specific AAA+ buds allows them to preserve the unique effects and terpenes of your favourite strains.

Twisted Extracts

Premium cannabis edibles and extracts. Twisted Extracts have been around for a long time and for good reason. They consistently provide a good, powerful product that gives you the medicine you seek without fail. Precisely dosed cannabis edibles to help you live a better, happier life.

Bliss Cannabis Edibles

Bliss Edibles are perfectly dosed with a consistent effect. Known for the signature square frosty weed gummies, packaged neatly in great on the go tin, stays fresh and potent. These cannabis edibles will not let you down.

Faded Cannabis Co.

From edibles to concentrates at FADED Cannabis, our products must first begin with premium flowers in order to provide our consumers with the most pure and potent cannabis-infused products

High Dose

High Dose gummies are infused with a f*ck-ton of the highest quality THC around, that are made with a good time in mind. Prepare to catch the wave: high dose is our name for a reason. Use with caution. Experienced cannabis users only.



Made using pure lab-tested Delta-9 THC. OneStop is here to make sure you get the best bang for your buck with 500mg THC packages divided into 10 delicious 50mg THC gummies. OneStop THC gummies are available in sour flavours Pineapple, Very Cherry, Peach Lemonade, Cherry Lime, and Green Apple, as well as a variety pack, which will include 2 pieces of each THC sour flavours. Skip the premium you pay for the health and wellness connotation of more costly edible brands, and head straight to OneStop. It’s as simple as a trip to your local Bodega.


SunnySide Botanicals

Sunnyside Botanicals established in 2019 to provide effective Hemp-Derived CBD Products. We've dedicated ourselves to the creation and refinement of the perfect products we can rely on for consistency, and trust with meeting the health needs of loved ones. CBD is a buzzword and this crowded field is filled with gimmicks, misinformation, and a lack of education on the benefits of CBD.


Microdose Mushrooms

Microdose Mushrooms is a group of passionate mushroom advocates who have set a goal to provide information, research, and access to and about microdosing mushrooms. We are incredibly excited about the wonderful new discoveries on the powerful medical benefits of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms. Studies have shown microdosing mushrooms can help treat PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and other mental ailments.


Raw Natural Rolling Papers

RAW has been on a mission to be the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry. RAW revolutionized the smoking world by creating products that are naturally ingeniously designed to enhance the smoking experience. RAW only makes high-quality & earth-friendly products that improve your smoking experience, and we refuse to ever change what we stand for. RAW paper is made from natural plants with zero burn additives. We enjoy smoking our unrefined paper every day, and we will always keep it pure and RAW – for both you and us!


Elev8 Vape

Consisting of 88% – 96% Delta 9 THC and natural flavoring; no PG, VG, PGe or artificial flavouring. Designed specifically for the viscosity of our THC distillate. Our pens provide a richer taste and more potent effect.

High Hemp Organic Wraps

Premium organic hemp wraps, the cleanest blunt wraps for your stomper with friends. High Hemp Co. is one of the first all organic herbal wrap companies who pride themselves on a cleaner, more flavorful smoke. Breaking the trend of tobacco based products and creating better alternatives. We are High Hemp.


Stone Smiths'

Proudly Canadian manufacturer focus on producing cannabis vaporizers that are changing the world one big cloud at a time. We not only make the impressive SLASH concentrate vape pen, and took the portable dab vaping experience to the next level, but we keep improving through research, and development to create conversations and vape devices that enhance the stimulating power of THC and CBD.