Cacao 45 Chocolate Bars – 600mg CBD – 75g


Premium quality CBD infused chocolate bars with a high CBD count.  High end edibles for the distinguished cannabis consumer.

  • Choose from Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate
  • 600mg CBD per bar
  • 12 – 50mg CBD squares/doses per bar

Earn up to 30 Points.


Cacao 45 cannabis infused chocolate bars are made with the best quality pure cacao paste with only natural and pure ingredients. Delight your senses one square at a time. These elegant chocolate bars are loaded with health giving CBD (cannabidiol).

These premium CBD infused chocolates are perfectly dosed, divided into 12 squares of 50mg CBD each. 600mg total CBD content.

Available in 3 different types: Milk, Dark, and Dark with Sea Salt.

Suggested Use:

It is recommended to start with a 1/2 to 1 square dose and wait a full 60-90 minutes to gauge your reaction as everyone’s body is different with cannabis ingestion, even with non-psychoactive CBD.


Cacao Mass, Sugar, Cacao Butter, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla


Keep out of reach of children.

During warmer weather, these chocolate edibles may arrived partially melted. Please put your chocolate bar in the fridge upon receiving for a couple hours.


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