MK Ultra

Enjoy this ultra potent MK Ultra Indica dominant strain preferably at nighttime, great for insomnia and pain.

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MK Ultra named after the infamous CIA experiments of mind control, this potent indica based strain produces a strong cerebral high while instantly calming your nervous system and leading you to a place of hypnotic peace. Originally a cross of G-13 and a sativa variety OG Kush, this unique hybrid MK Ultra strain gives off a pungent musky aroma, with an earthy woody taste.

MK Ultra buds are medium sized fluffy trichome covered, with deep rich limey dark greens and caked orange hairs.

Suggested Use: Best used at nighttime away from socializing unless you can telepathically communicate, this strain just might allow that to happen.

Grade: AAA

Potency: THC Levels: 18-20%

(70% indica/30% sativa)


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