OG Kush

One of the most potent and popular Kush strains providing a great balance of head and body high. This indica dominant (80%) is great for relieving pain and inducing appetite. A great value at $129 an OZ!

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OG Kush

OG Kush is a known for being one of the most powerful and popular strains in the medical and recreational cannabis market. This 75-80% indica high THC strain is originally thought to be derived from its parent strains Chemdawg and Hindu Kush.

A definite nighttime strain for most, this couch locking weed will paralyze you in a good way leaving you pain and worry free. OG Kush is also known for its sativa like effects that provide you an ultra powerful head high as well. Novice users beware. The dual effects of this potent OG Kush may prove too much for the beginner cannabis user. Due to its different phenotypes some users may feel an instant deep relaxation and body stone, while some users report stronger sativa characteristics at the beginning of their high.

OG Kush’s complex flavour and aroma profile features an earthy woody diesel taste with scents of pine and lemony citrus fruit.

OG Kush Health Benefits

A great pain relieving and appetite inducing strain, this potent strain will greatly help keeping that food down. Because of it’s obvious dual effects, it’s also a great strain for easing depression and anxiety.

Grade: AAA

Potency: THC Levels: 20-25%

Strain Balance: 80% indica / 20% sativa


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