Orange Crush

Flavour packed Orange Crush sativa (80%) strain will leave you smiling and focused ready to tackle the day. A cross of California Orange and Blueberry strains.

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Orange Crush

Orange Crush is a beautiful and potent sativa dominant strain. This 80% sativa strain is derived from California Orange and Blueberry strains to bring you a citrus explosion of flavour and aroma. A popular daytime strain. After the initial head rush and quick rush of euphoria, Orange Crush will keep you energized, invigorated and focused.

Orange Crush Health Benefits

Boosting dopamine levels is what this strain is known for.  Relieving depression comes easy while making you forget about all of life’s little and big problems.  Instantly improve your mood, increase energy levels, and get that familiar euphoric feeling. The cerebral high it produces may have you forgetting any aches or pains you have in your body without the sedating effects of an indica strain.

Grade: AAA

Potency: THC Levels: 15-22%

Strain Balance: 80% sativa/20% indica


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