Purple God


My god! This Purple God is truly other worldy. Extremely potent, incredible smell and taste. True premium AAAA+ grade cannabis.

$220oz  |  $120 1/2oz  |  $65 1/4oz  |  $35 1/8oz  

Grade: AAAA+

Potency: THC Levels: 27% – 32%

Strain Balance: 70% indica / 30% sativa


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Purple God

Purple God is one of the most potent and rare indica dominant strains available. Purple God is a 3-way cross of God Bud, Hawaiian and Purple Skunk. The extremely pungent aroma emanating from these golden purple dusty buds will melt your stress away and excite your senses before you even consume it. These orange haired dense buds covered in a thick coat of trichomes disguises it’s green leaves and with purples so dark you may think they are black. Aroma can be described as earthy, spicy and fruity with flavours the same.

Purple God is grown to perfection, another true AAAA+ craft strain offered by Kannabis Kulture. Purple God has been known to reach THC levels of up to 32%. Purple God is a great nighttime strain, however, one hit too many, and you might be off to lala land a little too quickly. If insomnia relief is what you seek, this potent strain is perfect for you.

Craft AAAA+ cannabis.  You won’t be disappointed.

Purple God’s Health Benefits

Great for insomnia, chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

Grade: AAAA+

Potency: THC Levels: 27-32%

Strain Balance: 70% indica / 30% sativa


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