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    Excellent communication and fast shipping. Product was as advertised.

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  2. A

    Kannabis Kullture offers a nice variety of products.
    I found the website helpful and very easy to navigate.
    Arranging payment and shipping is quick and realitivly painless. I followed their guidelines regarding payments and shipping.
    Once my payment was received, my order was processed very quickly. Within as little as 36 hours I received an email confirming my purchases along with a tracking number through Canada Post. (My goodies usually arrive earlier then suggested).
    Whenever I have questions about products or their availability my emails are usually answered within 48 hours.
    I really like that my purchases are shipped in a very unassuming package. I value privacy!
    I am a return customer and have referred many friends and family to Kannabis Kulture. So far they have earned my five star review.

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    Was easy to find the products I was looking for and free delivery

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    Great communication

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    Fast delivery

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  6. A

    Wintergreen salve is a game changer! I was taking celebrex by the handful for compressed disc pain, and now I just use the salve once a day. Thank you!

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  7. RP

    Fast delivery. Hard to find items.. well done!

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  8. AM

    Website would not allow me to click on and buy more than 1 x product, although various quantities were seemingly allowed, but otherwise delivery was prompt

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    Great quality, Helps with pain, better than any other prescription drug that I have tried so far.

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  10. E

    Quick and reliable. Thank you!

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  11. BC

    Good fast delivery

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  12. A

    Outstanding Customer Service. Kannabis Kulture is thorough and fast. I am a return customer because of their great service and excellent selections of products.
    On occasion, I have received a free gift with my order. I enjoy the gifts because, lets be honest, they are free! AND this allows me to sample additional products they carry.
    On my last order, I even received a phone call from staff asking if I would accept a substitute product instead of waiting for a backorder.
    Shipping via Cananda Post has been pretty good. The tracking system that Kannabis Kulture uses via Canada Post seems to work well. On occasion my packages have even arrived earlier than predicted. I would not hesitate to recommend KANNABIS KULTURE to my friends and family.

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    Kannibis Kulture is an exceptional company. Customer Service is outstanding. A friend ordered from this company and suggested I try. I did and the rest is history. The only problem I have is deciding what to try next with such a varied selection of products.
    I place my order and follow the easy guidelines for shipping and payment. My products are shipped discreetly and in a timely manner. I am a return customer and I would trying recommend KANNIBIS KULTURE anyway!

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    Kudos to Kannabis Kulture for their great selection of products, reasonable prices, and outstanding customer service.
    A friend suggested I give Kannabis Kulture a try. I am please to report I was not disappointed!
    My order was discreetly packaged, arrived ahead of schedule and included a hand written note of welcome and thanks.
    I have in turn recommended Kannabis Kulture to a whole lot of friends!

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    Always easy quick & secure! Always in stock great flavors. Would definitely recommend…

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    Reliable and quick delivery

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  17. TT

    Excellent time on recievmy products

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  18. R


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    Pretty easy to use

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    Quick & secure delivery

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