Three Queens Organic

Three Queens Organic (AAAA+) Craft Indica. Gassy earthy woodsy smell and an excellent night time strain with high THC content that experienced users can handle during the day.


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Grade: AAAA+

Strain Balance: 80% indica / 20% sativa

Potency: THC Levels: 29% / CBD: >1%

Buds Appearance:  Super dense, sticky, medium to large size

Flavour: Earthy, dank, spicy, woodsy, gassy

Medical Usage: Depression, fatigue, insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety


Three Queens Organic AAAA+ Craft (OUT OF STOCK)

Kannabis Kulture first collaboration with the collective of Farmers at Black Labels, we bring you Three Queens a 100% Organically grown strain in living microbe rich soil. Three Queens is a carefully crafted flower, grown with care and detail using purely organic methods. It is hand trimmed to perfection retaining maximum potency and medicinal value. Great for a relaxing daytime smoke or use it for night time to catch some ZZZZZ’s.

Three Queens is parented by Bubba Kush and White Fire 43. This earthy, pine and woody aroma will leave you with a smile from ear to ear.  Green dense trichrome covered buds with a high potency 24-29% THC. Smooth and clean burning with a very natural pungent flavour will melt stress and anxiety with it’s sedative effects in an instant. Perfect for appetite stimulation or parking yourself on a couch.

Craft AAAA+ cannabis.

Three Queens Health Benefits

Great for depression, insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain and appetite loss.

Grade: AAAA+

Potency: THC Levels: 24-29%

Strain Balance: 80% indica / 20% sativa


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