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How to Save Money Buying Weed Online: Cannabis Discounts

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to buy weed online. Buying cannabis is a lot like buying anything else on the internet – you can find it cheaper if you know where to look.

Sometimes, just knowing how much marijuana costs in your area isn’t enough because of the immense variations in quality and quantity when dealing with government dispensaries vs private dispensaries.

In Canada, private dispensaries offer daily and weekly deals that aren’t available from government-run stores, plus discounts and memberships that reward our most loyal customers!

If you smoke regularly for months or years, you could end up saving thousands of dollars shopping with us.

Read on to find out how you can save money buying weed at Kannabis Kulture.

1) Lower Prices from the Jump

The first complaint government dispensaries received when marijuana was legalized had to do with exorbitant prices. Due to their immense overhead costs, and investor promises, these dispensaries need to turn a profit fast, so they charge enough to have a preposterous profit margin.

At Kannabis Kulture, we charge what the plant is worth. You’re not paying for fancy lawyers, CEOs and chair board salaries; you’re just paying for weed. That’s why we can offer strains of the same quality but at a much lower price point.

2) Discounted Ounces

The main advantage and the biggest hype of the grey market are certainly its cheap ounces. Cannabis enthusiasts all over Canada scour the internet, looking for the best weekly deals on discounted ounces.

When you find one, it’s possible to enjoy a premium ounce for as low as 99$! Be sure to visit our Cheap Ounces section regularly, so you don’t miss out on these fantastic deals!

3) Membership / Loyalty Program Benefits

We are proud to introduce our membership system! How it works is you’ll be rewarded, depending on how much you spend within a 90 day period. It works together with our Loyalty Rewards Points and Referral Program.

The amount you spend initially will place you in one of 4 tiers: Bronze Member, Silver Member, Gold Member, and Platinum Member. Each tier comes with increasingly attractive perks. These perks include reducing the free shipping threshold, a fixed percentage discount on your all orders in that 90 day period, 2.5 % back on loyalty points, and $20 for referring friends to us!

Loyalty points are another way to save money by buying with us! You basically get 2.5% cashback on everything you buy. This can add up very fast and earn you a free ounce in no time!  We also give you $5 for each and every product review you complete after purchasing.

See the chart below or visit our memberships page here.

Our membership program rewards our loyal customers

4) 20% Off Your First Order and 10% Off Your Second!

For newcomers, we’re offering 20% off as a welcome gift!  We’re confident that you’ll love our products and come back to us, so we’re also throwing in a 10% discount on your second order. Feel free to browse around and pick out any product you like!

5) Bulk Deals

Bulk deals are a more sensitive area, and we ask anybody who is interested in buying bulk to contact our customer service team. We’ll gladly talk about the situation and assist you in any way we can.  Bulk weed purchases are usually considered for a 1/2lb and up.

Take Care of your Pockets!

When it comes to buying cannabis, don’t get ripped off by government stores that charge ridiculous prices for a product you can easily find elsewhere at much more reasonable rates.

Instead of wasting your money on inferior products from unreliable sources, purchase online weed and other cannabis products from our mail-order platform. We offer high-quality strains and concentrates delivered directly to your doorstep discreetly by Canada Post.

In addition to having access to all sorts of legal pot varieties, including CBD oil, which is excellent for those who need relief without any psychoactive effects (i.e., getting stoned), we also have one of the widest selections when it comes to Psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms).

Check out our shop and get Kultured today!


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