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The Rise of Vaping in the Cannabis World: Why the Gap Between Smokers and Vapers is Closing

There was a time not too long ago where vaping was stereotypically reserved for teenagers and hipsters. Devices like the Juul took high schools across America by storm and vaping became something many saw as the kid’s alternative to cigarettes.

Today, those labels mean absolutely nothing. We know that vaping is definitely cleaner and healthier than cigarettes, and we applaud any smoker who makes the switch. On top of that, marijuana vapes entered the discussion.

A relatively novel way to consume cannabis, weed vapes are gaining in popularity year after year. For older generations, this could come as quite a shock. However, there are excellent reasons why vaping is becoming so mainstream. Read on to discover them.

Better on the lungs

Vaping tobacco appears to be healthier for the lungs than smoking cigarettes. But does the same apply to weed?

In short, yes. When inhaling the smoke from a joint, not only is it extremely hot for your internal tissues, but the burning of plant matter releases toxins, carcinogens and respiratory irritants. All of which you inhale when you smoke.

Cannabis vape cartridges contain either CO2, hydrocarbon or distilled extracts, or a combination thereof, and most have flavor added. Concentrates have been processed thoroughly, chemically or not, to remove most of the plant matter and really anything that isn’t THC or CBD. Later the terpenes removed during processing may be added back for a completely natural flavouring without the need for any additional chemicals, however most carts are made with additional flavouring.

Other than pure distillate and terpenes, vape liquid cartridges and disposable vape pens with natural flavourings also contain propylene glycol – generally a completely harmless chemical that is also used in asthma inhalers to suspend, bind and deliver the flavorings. However, cheap, mass-market vapes have been found to contain diethylene glycol – a poisionous industrial solvent which we make sure none of our products contain. Vegetable glycerin is also added for that visible puff of smoke which most users seek.

Go Incognito

We all know that delicious weed smell. Even those who don’t smoke it—though they might think of it as stinky. The fact that not everyone likes the smell of weed is the exact reason why some people prefer vaporizers over joints. They don’t smell.

In actuality, depending on the concentrate you’re vaping, there might be a faint smell, one that will disappear in a matter of seconds. This discreteness, coupled with ease of transport, gives pretty solid reasons to many users for vaping instead of smoking.

A Different High

Vaping cannabis will provide a slightly different high than smoking it. The preference of one over the other is totally subjective and varies from person to person. When smoking concentrates, users often report a more energetic, clear-headed high, even when smoking Indica. Unfortunately, this high is short-lived.

On the other hand, smoking cannabis causes more brain fog, is perfect for couch-lock, but the high lasts a few hours, carrying on gently even when you’ve come down.


This is a tricky one. In the short term and for occasional users, buying flowers seems more sensible than spending hundreds of dollars on a quality vape and filling it up with pricy extracts.

For heavy users, the story could be quite different. When vaping concentrates, you are getting more THC for your buck.

First off, the weight you pay for is almost entirely THC, as opposed to weed’s plant matter, stems, seeds, humidity, and whatever else can make your bag heavier.


When vaping, you’re also wasting less THC up in the air than when you smoke a joint and let it burn for a few seconds between puffs.

Variety of Types and Flavours

THC and CBD are cannabinoids and give marijuana its magic. Terpenes are another set of compounds found in the cannabis plant, and they are the ones that provide it with flavour and smell.

When burning a joint, a lot of those terpenes are burned off, never making it to your taste buds. With a good vape, you can control the coils’ temperature to make sure you appreciate every last terpene.

In addition, marijuana concentrates, including extracts like shatter, budder, live resin, and THC-A diamonds, are easier to find than ever. With a vape, you can truly enjoy each type of concentrate to the fullest and get a clear picture of how each one feels and tastes.

Vape On!

Vaping marijuana is probably the safest way to consume the plant for medicinal or recreational purposes, other than ingestion. It is, however, the most optimal, cost-efficient and versatile way to consume marijuana.

As vaping technologies evolve and extract artists develop their craft, we will see innovation after innovation in the marijuana industry.

What a time to be alive! Check out our vape section and join the fun!


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