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“Wake and Bake” – Pros & Cons of Smoking Weed in the Morning

It’s 7:00 am, and you just woke up. You’re tired and groggy, but you need to be ready to tackle the day head-on. Do you reach for a cup of coffee or smoke your first joint, or both perhaps?

For some people, smoking marijuana is their morning routine. Being high in the mornings has many benefits, such as increased creativity and productivity, but at what cost? We’ll explore both sides below so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not wake-and-bake is right for you!

Pros of the Wake and Bake

Open appetite for breakfast

Weed and breakfast. Two words that are usually not spoken in the same sentence, but now they can be thanks to this newfound art of wake and bake breakfasts! It’s a more enjoyable way to kick start your day with food because weed makes everything taste better!

Wake up on a high note by eating some delicious brekkie foods before you head out for work or school; it will make mornings so much less overwhelming.

Don’t forget; Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Get higher than you’ll get all-day

The morning is when you’re at your most relaxed, which makes it easier to get high. The way cannabis can heighten how sensitive you are also make mornings a great time for getting stoned. Personally, I love smoking in the morning because of this.

For heavy users, waking and baking is like a loophole. Their tolerance is always sky high, but it is usually at its lowest after sleeping for multiple hours, making for the most noticeable high of the day.

Start your day off right

Starting your day off with a wake and bake session is the ultimate pro because you get to feel the euphoric sensation that cannabis use offers. With all of that stress melting away, it’s impossible not to start on an awesome note!

There’s always a certain stiffness from waking up, but smoking weed will return your sense of wellbeing, and everything will feel like an adventure!

Cons of the Wake and Bake

Tolerance problems

The main issue with smoking weed every morning revolves around tolerance. If you smoke a joint first thing in the morning, chances are you’ll need one a few hours later.

This starts a cycle of you smoking multiple joints a day, inevitably raising your tolerance. This could also have an impact on your wallet since you’ll need more marijuana.

Reach your BS limit sooner

We’ve established that smoking weed in the morning produces a quicker onset and more potent effects. Well, the higher you climb, the harder you fall.

Chances are, within two hours of that first joint, those feelings of optimism and motivation will have significantly diminished.

Deeper Issues

Any form of chronic behavior can be considered addictive. If you find yourself waking and baking every single morning, definitely try to stop for a month.

If that sounds crazy to you, or you can’t do it, maybe consider the fact that you’re using the substance inadequately.

Get high when you want to, not out of habit. If you can get through that month without waking and baking, you can go the rest of your life doing it while confidently knowing that you are not addicted.

Wake and Bake: Worth it!

Wake and Bake is a great way to start the day off right with a nice big breakfast. It’s also been known for its ability to help people get out of bed when they’re feeling lethargic or depressed, making it a fantastic practice for anyone who experiences morning sickness.

However, as with anything else, use in moderation because if you do too much waking and baking, your tolerance will rise over time.

To make sure you get the most out of every experience without becoming immune to weed’s effects, we recommend trying one of our premium AAAA flowers.

Our Sativa lineup offers different potency levels so you can find the perfect level that suits your needs while still experiencing all the benefits that come with waking and baking!


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