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Where to Order Weed Online?

Looking to order weed online doesn’t have to be complicated. Yes, there are many online stores available to choose from, but how do you choose? Which ones are legit? Do you explicitly want legal weed only? Or is your primary concern quality?  Are you looking for organic weed? Are you looking to support the small guy?

Having weed sent directly to your door is more sought after than ever before. Weed ordered online can be delivered securely, discreetly, and quickly. For clinical patients who can’t easily come to their neighborhood legal dispensary, mail-order weed gives the patient the medication they need with a click of the mouse.

What Is Mail Order Marijuana (Weed)?

It’s exactly as it sounds, weed ordered online and delivered straight to your door.  Most mail-order weed companies online only accept e-transfers as payment due to industry regulations. Does that mean they are less trustable, no, it means they are the grey market operators providing a service lacking in the ‘legal’ market.

Mail order weed online can be great, however, it can also be garbage, full of chemicals, pesticides, and growth hormones.  How can one know?  I’m sure when you walk into any store, you get a feeling. A feeling that either tells you, I want to shop here or get me out of here.  Maybe you talk to the salesperson, and they give you the creeps and you leave. Or maybe they answer all your questions, fully and transparently. You feel safe buying from them, and so you do. The same applies online. Trust your gut!

weed-delivery-online-canadaWhat’s the Advantage to Order Weed Online?

Ordering online from a reputable ‘grey market’ retailer provides much more options. The market decides whether a product succeeds or not. Not the government. The way the industry should be.  You can buy edibles over the low limits set by regulatory bodies that are generally ridiculous. You can buy products with packaging that resembles care and thought into creating it, and in turn, gives you confidence or not to buy that product.   You have a much larger selection of other weed products such as topicals, concentrates, and even products for your pets.

Did you know ‘legal’ weed online is irradiated? Yes, they put all ‘legal’ weed through a machine that beams high-frequency alpha or gamma rays to kill micro-organisms, mold, fungus, etc., and they need to, as their cultivation practices aren’t always up to the high standards of many ‘grey market’ growers. Their growing methods often produce weed with unhealthy micro-organisms, as their primary focus is profit. Properly grown weed with sufficient nutrients, beneficial bacteria and the right environment, doesn’t produce mold. Massive farms struggle with this, as they aim to pump out tons of weed at a time, in huge warehouses that would boggle the mind to see in person.

The number one reason to order weed online is value! Have you seen the high prices at legal weed shops whether online or in-store? Legal weed is generally ridiculously overpriced and underperforming.

What’s the Disadvantage to Order Weed Online?

You don’t get to see, smell, and feel the weed before you buy. This is an issue, however, trusted sellers with open honest descriptions of their weed available online will disclose exactly what to expect. Customer reviews will also help guide you to buy the best weed for your needs.

Another disadvantage is you generally can’t pay with a credit card. We know many people are struggling to make ends meet these days, and a credit card to pay for weed sometimes is needed. However, nothing is free, and if you’re holding any debt on the card, that overpriced eighth of weed will double or triple in price by the time you pay off that card. Paying with cash via e-transfer can be looked at as a positive in this sense.

Where Are Trustable Online Weed Shops?

If you’ve never purchased weed online before, then you’ve probably never seen the stores that have survived the test of time. There are several, but not many.  Often the fly-by-night operations are shut down, either by the authorities or the market rejects their subpar products.  Try googling “original mail-order-marijuana sites”, or “oldest mail-order-marijuana companies”, you get the point, look for the sites that have been around the longest.

Does this mean new companies can’t be trusted? No, definitely not. Some newer companies out there are trying to be better than their predecessors. Kannabis Kulture is one of them. Kannabis Kulture strives to provide only tried and tested, clean cannabis products, so you can feel good about ordering weed online. Kannabis Kulture ships out same day for most orders, discreetly and fast via Xpresspost service to your door. Most areas in Canada are delivered in 1-3 days.

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