Lucy Diamond Organics is small batch craft cannabis grown with intention and love. Lucy brings her decades of organic cultivation experience to Kannabis Kulture to provide our customers with the best cannabis BC and Canada has to offer.

Lucy takes advantage of mother natures gifts, growing your cannabis to the highest organic standards free from any synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, only using natural organic methods for pest control and feeding of nutrients. In fact, Lucy goes above and beyond meeting OMRI standards, using compost/bat guano tea, each plant being hand fed and watered.

Lucy’s fine organic cannabis is grown in Living Soil. What is Living Soil? Soil full of beneficial bacteria and organisms that work in unison to nourish and make the cannabis plant thrive. Mother nature has perfected this dance of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and many other microorganisms all working together to break down the carbons and sugars from the cannabis plant and creating the ultimate food source the plant needs to grow to its fullest potential.  This relationship, ecosystem in the soil is living soil.

Expect the cleanest possible cannabis experience that provides all the benefits of this healing plant, for the most demanding of medicinal needs. Lucy Diamond Organics randomly batch tests to prove no pesticides are found in their harvest. Labs will be posted periodically.