Step 1 – Create an Account (optional)

Becoming a member has benefits and is highly recommended, however we do allow guest checkout.  Becoming a member allows you to earn points on every order (2.5% cash back), earn by referring a friend ($20 bonus per referral), reviewing your purchased product on this site ($3), and reviewing on CanadianMOM forum or MOMpics on Reddit ($10 per qualified review).  

Silver Members and up also receive an additional discount at checkout on every order.  Click the Login / Register link in the menu or above, fill out your name, email address and choose a password.  Once logged in, you may proceed to fill in your billing and shipping details, phone# and any other info you would like to ensure your orders get delivered.  Alternatively, you may do this while checking out.

Step 2 – Add Items to Cart

Visit our Shop and choose the items you wish to purchase and add them to your cart.

Step 3 –  View Your Cart and Proceed to Checkout

Click the cart icon, verify cart contents in the mini cart or click ‘View Cart’.  Verify cart contents are correct then click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 4 – Enter Billing and Shipping Information

If you haven’t already upon registering, enter your billing and shipping information. If you are shipping to an address other than your own, please fill this out in the shipping details section.
 * Important:  We print shipping labels directly from the information you enter on your account.  Packages unable to deliver due to incorrect address information entered by you will result in loss of your shipment and cannot reimburse you for this. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS DETAILS.

Step 5 – Place your Order

You must be 19+ to order.  Please read the Terms and Conditions, check the box to agree to them and submit your order.

Step 6 – Send E-transfer Payment

Visit your online bank and follow your banks instructions on sending an e-transfer.  Please fill in information exactly as indicated below.  The payment email address may change from time to time, please ensure you follow instructions on your payment receipt exactly.  General Instructions below:

Payee Email Address:  SEE RECEIPT AT CHECKOUT (also sent to your email)
Secret Question:  ” Your Order Number” (replace with your actual current order number eg. 12345)
Secret Answer:  SEE RECEIPT
Memo / Notes:  Enter your name or leave blank

Step 7 – Wait for Confirmation of Payment Accepted

Orders paid before 10 am PST are usually shipped same day, this is not a guarantee however.  We do our best.  Payments sent after 10am PST are generally accepted by us later that evening or the following morning.  You will receive a notification from  your bank to advise payment was accepted by us.  If you have followed instructions properly and sent the payment to the correct payment email address as indicated on your order receipt, your order will be processed in the order it was received and shipped accordingly.