Our cheap buds section doesn’t mean garbage weed. We don’t believe in providing our customers bad quality cannabis. What to expect with our cheap buds section? Sometimes you’ll find high grade flower that’s a little dry. Sometimes you’ll find some nice juicy buds that we just have too much of. Once in a while we just feel like giving you our wonderful customers a break on some premium weed.

Whatever the reason, expect our cheap buds to always be worth the money. We don’t strive to be the cheapest weed store online, we strive to be best in terms of value and customer service.

You won’t find washed, improperly flushed, chemical laden weed here. You’ll only get the best, cleanest Canadian weed has to offer no matter what your budget.

Buy your weed online with confidence. If you’re new here, we welcome you with open arms. For our returning loyal customers, thank you for making us your choice of online cannabis retailers.